Innovative, Agile and strong – twenty years E-PROCUREMENT

Since Wallmedien was founded, our ambition remained the same: We want to set standards in digital procurement. Today, our solutions in SAP and non-SAP environment are applied in over 60 countries. A success based on a groundwork of a trusting relationship to our national and international clients.

Solutions and services for operative and strategic purchasing

Since our first procurement project with Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. throughout Europe in 1998, we work at new and innovative solutions in the area of electronic procurement continously. In the process, the digital transformation in purchasing activities changed markets, business models and company structures fundamental. The operative and strategic procurement has to face this paradigm shift and push forward its digital core abilities. Thereby, we are working hard as a partner in technology and services for your procurement. Together, we are working at the optimisation of your procurement processes, maximizing the quality of your purchasing organization and the digital roadmap for your vision of the future procurement.


Close the circle of procurement to order and spread your portfolio with intelligent sourching features to support your employees. Identify new shopping sources, convert requests and appropriate offers in catalogs directly and let your employees realise concrete savings immediately.


As a company, you have countless contractual relations with suppliers, clients, partners or employees. Administrate all contracts of your company centrally and consolidate. Display all standard types of contract and individual or specific contract structures easy, transparent and agile.


During the digital procurement competition, many companies are facing the challenge to offer their employees B2C specific shopping experiences, considering usability and functionality. This demand is the basis of our procurement solution, whether for catalog procurement, consulting services or inquiry management.

Invoice Processing

In the context of increasing digitalization, invoices are facing a particular importance. As a basis for an optimized invoice provess for all suppliers and invoice types, our solutions provide to increase the quote for your digital invoice quickly and significant through intelligent functions and services.

Spend Analyse & Reporting

To act conform towards the procurement strategy and to get transparency for the purchasing behaviour, payment flows, product groups and suppliers it matters to identify, aggregate and intelligently network the mass of masterand transaction data available in today’s systems. Our reporting supports decision makers in analyzing the procurement activities through intuitive dashboard functions. Furthermore, it enhances transparency for procurement processes, cost structures and potential for optimisation of spend volumes.

WALLMEDIEN for your procurement processes

Each purchasing organisation has its specific challenges. Wheter it’s fast growing company structures, heterogenous ERP landscapes, the ensurance of compliance or optimizing your supplier relationships. We support you with the right answers to your requirements.

Integration in your system landscape

Regardless of the kind and number of your ERP systems worldwide, integrate our solutions smooth in any system landscapes.

Automated procurement process

Regardless of how you are positioned in procurement currently, together we reach your aim of a transparent, digital and automated procurement infrastructure.

Global implementation projects

For years, we support our clients in their global rollout projects. Our standard includes regional requirements for invoice, language and currency.

End-to-End Supplier integration

We know how! In the course of the years, we attached more than 150.000 suppliers over many different channels into our procurement system.


How can you get orderable content? How do you want to integrate your suppliers? Which documents and special formats do you want to exchange with your suppliers? We like to support you with your questions around the subject supplier integration.


Wallmedien realises implementation management of comprehensive solutions with components of different producers.sion.


We accompany you with your international rollout projects. Whether it’s catalog formats, EDI formats, classifications or commercial rules. We like to assist you with the illustration of your regional specifics with our expierience from over 100 countries.


Our decade-long experience with WPS, SAP, SAP SRM and many more systems ensures you an objective consulting in your choose of system. Regardless of the ERP system, we surely have attached it before.


You need support with the connection of different systems, individual training concepts or the harmonisation of processes, data and regions? We will take care of it!


Whether in your own network or in the cloud – we implement your solutions appropriate and based on your operating concept. No matter whether it’s on-premise, ASP or SaaS.

Our Partners

We offer purchasing departments professional products and services that fulfill all the requirements of the procure-to-pay process. With our current solutions, we provide options for seamless and functional integration of all e-procurement-related applications, content and catalog cloud services on a single, procure-to-pay focused business integration platform.


Connect your purchasers, employees, suppliers, partner and all processes relevant to purchasing in one global network. Integrate all important procurement applications central in one platform, as product and procuring services, sourcing, transaction and authorization management, supplier management and many more. Create an environment, in which all applications can take hold of and share common data.


Create an environment with your closed catalog cloud to provide sortiments of any number of best-in-class suppliers for your employees internationally. Get access in real-time ability to millions of articles, whether they are from supplier catalogs, webshops, market places or request suppliers. Design your individual tailored catalog cloud and provide it in your e-procurement system directly.


You can benefit from countless procurement services as transaction management, invoice and contract management, bundling suppliers in single-creditor model, payment services and extensive price benchmarks and reportings. You are supported by further offers from the areas assortment analysis and suppliers management to implement your procurement strategy at its best.


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